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A Better Way for a Healthier Washington

summary of policies we want

Toxic chemicals are polluting people and the environment, endangering our health.  There's a better way.

Test chemicals for safety—before they’re used in products

Current laws aren't protecting us from chemicals that can build up in our bodies and threaten our health. 

  • Chemicals should be tested for safety before they are ever allowed for use—just like pharmaceuticals are.
  • Companies must make testing results available to government agencies and the public.

Take out the toxics and make products safe

Chemicals that can damage children’s intellectual development, harm reproduction, cause cancer, or build up in our bodies are commonly used in everyday products like cologne and non-stick pans.

  • Washington state should develop immediate plans to phase out of products and manufacturing chemicals that build up in our bodies or are linked to serious health problems.

Choose a better way

Forward-thinking companies have taken steps to develop products with ingredients known to be safe and produce food without pesticides.

  • Washington state must assist companies in replacing hazardous chemicals with safer substances and practices, using requirements, incentives, and technical assistance.

Governor Gregoire can be a leader to stop pollution in people.
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