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Take Action on Toxic Chemicals

ways to take action to reduce the threat of toxic chemicals in our bodies and our environment

Senate Floor Vote Alert

Help us with our campaign to

Make Kid's Products Safe for Kids!

Parents should be able to buy toys and other products without fear of toxic ingredients that might harm their children. It's time for state policymakers to step in tp protect children's health and make toys and other products safe for kids!

The Washington State Legislature should adopt legislation that:

  • Prohibits the use of dangerous chemicals in toys and other children's products. Known toxics such as lead, cadmium, and phthalates should be kept out of toys and only the safest chemicals and materials should be used.

  • Provides consumers with useful information to make safer buying choices. Manufacturers of toys and children’s products must be required to test and disclose the chemical contents of their products.

  • Makes manufacturers responsible for moving toward safer products. Manufacturers should replace toxic ingredients with safer substitutes.

Take Action - Help us make toys and all children's products safe for kids by contacting your legislators today.

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Call for Statewide Action to get Toxic Chemicals out of Consumer Products and our Bodies!

Washington state is already a leader in phasing out some dangerous chemicals such as PBDEs and mercury, and in establishing a comprehensive program to address phasing out persistent toxic chemicals.

Now, the state can take the next step to protect the health of its residents by developing a common-sense chemicals policy that ensures only the safest chemicals are used in consumer products, manufacturing, and food production. The Washington Toxics Coalition is leading this campaign.

What we are calling for?

Read our "Better Way for a Healthier Washington"

And see the Toxic-Free Legacy Coalition's
"Call for Safer Chemicals to Protect Our Health and Our Environment"

Get Involved Today!

To stay updated about our campaigns and the urgent actions you can take, please join the Washington Toxics Coalition action alert list.

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Other actions you can take to stop pollution in people

Sign up to meet with your state legislators

Request a Pollution in People speaker for your group

Host a house party

Ask companies to make safer products

Help save the people and animals of Puget Sound

Make a pesticide-free zone