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Ways to Get Involved

ways that you can take action to get toxic chemicals out of our bodies and the environment

Meet with Your Legislator

One of the most effective things each of us can do is talk face-to-face with decision-makers about our concerns.   We can help make this easy for you to do.

Talk to Your Legislator

Inform Your Colleagues, Friends, and Neighbors

Now that you know about pollution in people, we hope you'll let others know about the problem with toxic chemicals. 

Request a Pollution in People speaker

Host a House Party

Make a Healthy Change in Your Community

Being safer about toxic chemicals can start in your own community with small actions that can build up to big changes.  

Find out how> 

Tell Companies What You Want

We know what we want: products we can use without worrying about how they might harm our health. 

Find out what consumers can do>



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