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pbdestuff Image
cleanfish Image
Deb Abrahamson Image
Lisa Brown Image
Bill Finkbeiner Image
Karen Bowman Image
Pam Tazioli Image
Allyson Schrier Image
Ann Holmes Redding Image
Denis Hayes Image
Laurie Valeriano Image
Patricia Dawson Image
Ann Holmes Redding - lg Image
checkmark Image
Deb Abrahamson-lg Image
Denis Hayes-lg Image
Bill Finkbeiner-lg Image
Karen Bowman-lg Image
Laurie Valeriano-lg Image
Lisa Brown-lg Image
Pam Tazioli-lg Image
Patricia Dawson-lg Image
Allyson Schrier-lg Image
Figure 8 - PCB Levels in Washingtonians Image
Figure 4 - PFOS Levels in Washingtonians Image
Figure 5 - PFOA levels in Washingtonians Image
Figure 6 - Pesticide exposure in Washingtonians Image
Figure 2 - PBDE levels in Washingtonians Image
Figure 1 - DEHP metabolites in Washingtonians Image
Figure 3 - Mercury Levels in Washingtonians Image
Figure 7 - DDT Levels in Washingtonians Image
Table X - chemicals examined Image
Press Clippings Image
Media Contacts Image
Carpet w/kid Image
vinyl flooring Image
fluorescent light bulb Image
IV bag Image
child holding apple Image
nail polish Image
pizza in box Image
wood in playground Image
vinyl shower curtain Image
teflon frying pan Image
yellow armchair Image
cropduster Image
blood draw-Deb Abrahamson Image
blood draw-Pam Tazioli Image
press room link Image
TFL steering committee logos Image
Study Participants-image strip Image
icon for report cover Image
request a speaker image Image
Puget Sound image Image
pesticide free park sign Image
photo of Governor Gregoire Image
small photo of Gov. Gregoire Image
safer food link Image
safer products link Image
top actions link Image
paint can Image
safe sippy cup Image
wooden blocks Image
living room furniture Image
computer Image
paint Image
coffee cup Image
vitamin bottle Image
vitamins Image
garden slug Image
slug Image
baby Image
lotions & cosmetics Image
paint cans Image
paint Image
link to Perfluorinated Compounts Image
link to Toxic Flame Retardants (PBDEs) Image
link to Heavy Metals Image
link to Pesticides Image
link to Phthalates Image
link to PCBs and DDT Image
product exposure graphic Image
summary chart of results Image
Results Summary Chart Image
WA state capitol Image
Media Event pics Folder
peppers Image