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Op-Ed: Senators Brown & Finkbeiner 07/06

"Our Polluted Bodies" Op-Ed piece by Sen. Lisa Brown and Sen. Bill Finkbeiner in Seattle Times, July 5, 2006.

In an opinion piece, Senator Lisa Brown and Senator Bill Finkbeiner describe their responses to levels of toxic chemicals found in their bodies in our Pollution in People study.

"Clearly, the system is broken when our health is threatened by everyday activities and products. Current federal and state laws do not adequately prevent harmful toxic chemicals from entering products, food and the environment. Of the 82,000 chemicals in use today, a mere fraction has been tested for toxicity."...

“We need change at the federal level to address this threat faced by all Americans. But lacking that, we should do what we can at the state level. As elected leaders, we join this group in calling for comprehensive policy change in Washington state.”

Seattle Times - July 5, 2006
Our polluted bodies
By Lisa Brown and Bill Finkbeiner

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