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archive of media coverage of the Pollution in People study and related news

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States and cities move to curb toxic substances the EPA hasn't Link
Chemical ban puts industry on the defensive Link
Limited ban placed on flame retardants Link
PBDEs: They are everywhere, they accumulate and they spread Link
New device may help ban PBDEs Link
Flame retardant legislation based on science, thorough study Link
Ban Flame Retardants Link
Fire Retardants: Ban this chemical Link
Twist in effort to ban fire retardant Link
Tracking pollution's source: Chemical levels in Spokane River draw state's attention Link
Environmentalists optimistic legislature will lend a hand Link
Our Polluted Bodies Link
Chemicals should be a wake-up call Link
Residents’ bodies testify to chemical exposure Link
WA Toxics Coalition Releases Pollution in People Study Link
Study finds dozens of chemicals in subjects Link
People in toxin test alarmed to discover what's inside them Link
We're walking, talking toxic waste dumps Link
Group rallies against toxins Link
A `cocktail of chemicals' in your blood? : Results from study show a multitude of toxins residing in state residents Link
Media Release Event: archived audio/video Link
Coalition releases report on personal pollution Link
Coalition releases report on toxins in people, calls for reform Link
Tips on how to avoid chemicals in food and products Link
Limited test reveals potentially toxic chemicals in state residents Link
High levels of chemicals found in volunteers Link
'Hunters' hope to untangle clues to toxics exposure Link
It's a bloody job, but somebody's got to do it Link
Prominent Seattleites send message about blood toxins Link