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acknowlegements section of the Pollution in People report

We gratefully acknowledge the assistance of our advisors who helped develop this project, including Sharyle Patton, Kristin Schafer, Ted Schettler, Kim Hooper, and Sonya Lunder. Indispensable team members included Sibyl Diver and Margaret Shield, who served as participant coordinators, editor Elena Conis, and statistician Abbe Rubin. Members of the Toxic-Free Legacy Coalition steering committee and Washington Toxics Coalition staff reviewed the report, including Heather Trim (People For Puget Sound), Nancy Dickeman (Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility), Pam Tazioli (Breast Cancer Fund), Karen Bowman (Washington State Nurses Association), John Rumpler (WashPIRG), and Laurie Valeriano, Philip Dickey, Ivy Sager-Rosenthal, and Gregg Small (Washington Toxics Coalition).

We especially thank our funders, including the John Merck Fund, Seattle Biotech Legacy Foundation, Alida R. Messinger Charitable Lead Trust, No. 2, Beldon Fund, Wallace Genetic Foundation, Bullitt Foundation, Russell Family Foundation, and many generous individual donors to the Washington Toxics Coalition.

Erika Schreder, Washington Toxics Coalition

Report design and cover by Jessica Renner, Studiohatch.
Layout by Ken Steffenson, Washington Toxics Coalition.

Toxic-Free Legacy Coalition Steering Committee:
Breast Cancer Fund, Healthy Building Network, People For Puget Sound, Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility, Washington State Nurses Association, Washington Toxics Coalition, and WashPIRG

The Toxic-Free Legacy Coalition is an alliance of organizations across Washington state that rejects the trespass of toxic chemicals in our environment and our bodies.
Our vision is to leave our children a legacy of fresh air, clean water, thriving wildlife, and healthy bodies — a Toxic-Free Legacy.

For more information about the Coalition, see About Us.