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Reducing Your Exposure to PBDEs

Pollution in People Report - Chapter 2 - Reducing Your Exposure to PBDEs

You can take the following steps to reduce your family’s exposure to PBDEs:

Buy PBDE-free furniture. Choose furniture that does not contain PBDEs, which are often used in furniture upholstery and foam. IKEA does not use PBDEs in its products, and Serta states that their mattresses produced after 2005 do not contain PBDEs. Other retailers offering PBDE-free products include:

Greener Lifestyles (couches and chairs)

Soaring Heart (mattresses and futons)

Furnature (couches and chairs)

Bean Products (couches and chairs)

For more information on companies offering PBDE-free products, see:

Safer Products Project

Smart Shopper’s PBDE Card

If you cannot find information on whether a manufacturer uses PBDEs, contact the company directly.

If you already own furniture that contains PBDEs, cover and seal any rips in upholstery, and consider replacing old items where foam is exposed, loose, and crumbling. Cover mattresses with allergen-barrier casings to reduce the amount of PBDE-laden dust that they release.

Make electronics PBDE-free. Choose electronics made with alternatives to PBDEs, available from Canon, Dell, HP, Intel, Erickson, Apple, and Sony.

Avoid farmed fish. European and U.S. farmed salmon have particularly high levels of PBDEs. Choose wild salmon instead.

Reduce animal fats. Choose lean meat and poultry cuts and low-fat dairy products. Cut visible fat off meat and poultry before cooking, and choose lower-fat cooking methods, such as broiling, grilling, roasting, or pressure-cooking.