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What We Found

Short summary of results of the Pollution in People study

Toxic chemicals contaminate us.

Every person tested had at least 26 and as many as 39 of the toxic chemicals we looked for in his or her body. This pollution in people came from everyday activities and products.

Chemicals in our bodies threaten our health.

This study and others show that the toxic chemicals in our bodies are cause for concern because they can lead to health problems such as infertility and learning deficits.

Government isn’t protecting us.

State and federal government have failed to prevent the use of harmful chemicals in consumer products, manufacturing processes, and food production. Most chemicals are virtually unregulated, and Washington state needs a new comprehensive approach to protect our health from toxic chemicals.

summary chart of results

Summary Chart of Chemicals Found in Study Participants

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Toxic Chemicals We Tested

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Pollution in People: A Study of Toxic Chemicals in Washingtonians
A Toxic-Free Legacy Coalition Report
Released May 2006

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