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Less-Toxic Product Choices

how to choose consumer products wisely to avoid toxic chemicals

Teflon chemicals. Phthalates. PBDEs.

How are these chemicals getting into our bodies, and how can we reduce our exposure?

Many of the consumer products we use every day contain toxic chemicals that we found in the bodies of participants in the Pollution in People study. These chemicals leach out of products and get into our air, water, food, and bodies.

The choices we make about the products in our homes can make a difference. Also, some responsible companies are reducing or eliminating toxic additives in their products. Click on the links below to learn more about safer product choices.

Children's &
Baby Products

wooden blocks



Home Repair


Cosmetics &
Personal Care

lotions & cosmetics


coffee cup

Drugs &



living room furniture

Pest Control


Getting Toxics Out of Food and Consumer Products

Making good choices about food and products to reduce your exposure to toxic chemicals is important, but it's only part of the solution.

Please consider taking action to help establish policies that keep toxic chemicals out of consumer products. Learn how here!

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Avoiding Toxic Chemicals
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